pole fitness 

pole fitness

A sociable fitness class for all women – shape and size does not matter! Fantastic for all-over muscle tone especially the arms and stomach. You will get some bumps and bruises, but it’s a lot of fun and really rewarding. The first lesson can feel tough but it only take 3 lessons for the right muscles to build up strength so you noticeably improve week by week, and there’s so many different elements to pole that everyone manages something in their first class. No matter what level the ladies are in class, everyone is hugely supportive and encouraging to each other, it’s a real friendly atmosphere.


Q: I'm a complete beginner, do I have to join a course?

The 6-week beginners courses are recommended because you get a thorough grounding of basic technique in all areas (spins, climbing, inverts) and you’re in a class with other complete beginners. However, beginners are always welcome to any mixed-level class at any time.

Q: What should I wear?

Socks or bare feet, a t-shirt or vest top, and shorts are required for leg grip – however, if you feel self-conscious then you’re welcome to put loose trousers over the top until you feel more confident. Once you’re in class you’ll see that everyone is so focused on what they’re doing and so supportive of each other, you won’t bat an eyelid about having your legs on show! And they don’t need to be hot-pants… any shorts will do, and they can be bought at the studio.

Q: I don't have any arm strength, will I still be able to do it?

Yes, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve in your first lesson. And muscle does build up very quickly – you normally notice a difference in strength after just 3 lessons.

Q: Do I need to book?

COVID-19: All classes now need to be booked to minimise numbers and beginners courses are currently on hold until January. However we are running Beginners Taster Classes on the first Thursday of every month. Bookings are made by texting 07896253818 and paid via bank transfer/Paypal until we have an online booking system in place. 

Q: How many calories do you burn in a class?

A one hour class on average can burn around 600 calories. Funnily enough, you often burn more calories when sharing a pole than when you’re on your own! Less time to natter 😉

Q: Is there a weight limit on the poles?

Not at all, the poles are fixed floor to ceiling and classes are suitable for women of all shapes and sizes and ages.

Q: What will I learn in a 6 week Beginners course?

Week one starts with all the basics – beginner spins, how to ‘stand’ and ‘sit’ on the pole, plus a few extras… pole has a range of areas so everyone finds something they’re better. Week 2 and 3 focuses on progressing these areas including starting to climb. Week 4-5 starts you on basic inverts (going upside down). This is taught very gradually making it suitable for all levels. Week 6 is when we take photos, try some doubles spins, headstands, perhaps a mini routine… These courses are great fun and really sociable. All the moves we cover prepare you for group classes.

What is the difference between Beginner/Intermediate levels?

All of our pole classes cover a range of different moves, some easy some hard depending upon the individual. In a beginner-intermediate classes we simply do more less inverted tricks and the teaching is a little more gradual, whereas the intermediate covers a few more combination of moves and includes some which require a bit more pole experience.

♥ Pole Classes (£6) Now need to be booked to minimise numbers (one per pole)

♥ Morning Classes (£8) Also need to be booked and are limited to one per pole.

♥ Private lessons can be booked for 1:1 instruction or can be shared with friends. A great way of really getting to grips with personal goals, iron out technique, and focusing on what you want to do.