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other classes

Ballet with Georgia

Ballet is fantastic for building core muscle and good posture. It’s a relaxed atmosphere so if you haven’t got ballet shoes or any dance experience, that’s fine! The class is suitable for all levels including complete beginners.

Mondays 7-8pm. Contact Georgia on 07519891787 for more info and you can book via the parent portal at https://developpedanceuk.co.uk

Street/Commercial with Chelsea

Street-Commercial dance is a sexy/sassy style of dancing. It’s similar to what you see in music videos – think of Beyonce/Madonna/Michael Jackson… Upbeat choreography, and great for building confidence. It doesn’t matter if you can’t do the moves at first, the most important thing is to give it a go and just have a good boogie!

Mondays 6-7pm & 8-9pm. Contact Chelsea to book – 07528198527 or chelsea.boyes@icloud.com

Yoga with Fran

I have been teaching yoga for just over a year and have been a dedicated yoga student for almost 6 years. I have been practising meditation regularly for 8 years and have completed 40 hours additional training in Yoga Nidra.

I love teaching Hatha Yoga, as it combines dynamic movement with static holds and strengthening. Hatha will give you the knowledge of key yoga postures. Hatha has 2 meanings; the first means ‘wilful’ or ‘forceful’ and so Hatha yoga is referred to as the “yoga of movement”. The second meaning; Ha- means sun and tha- means moon, and so the word Hatha symbolises a balancing of solar and lunar energy. Therefore, Hatha yoga is a yoga practice of movement and breath, bringing balance back into the body and easing of the mind.

Yoga is a wonderful compliment to any existing exercise routine, as it can help to tone, condition and strengthen muscles between training sessions, as well as help to recover and prevent injury.

Expect a fun class which can be as challenging or as restorative as you like! Beginners and experienced Yogis are both welcome!

Bringing your own mat and props is encouraged, however there will be mats and props at the studio should you need to borrow anything.

F R A N A N D A    Y O G A

07859 945 260
Instagram: www.instagram.com/yogawfran
Facebook: www.facebook.com/franandayoga

Dynamic Stretch & Flexibility with Nicola

This class focuses on leg and hip flexibility followed by back & shoulders. Be prepared that there is 5min of cardio at the start due to it only being a 45min class – we want your body as warm as possible! With upbeat tunes all the way through, this is not a slow paced yoga session. The structure of the class is the same each week so you will hopefully be able to push yourself further and see progress once you are confident with the stretches. We don’t care how bendy you are and you may not suddenly be able to do the splits, this class simply aims to improve your flexibility.

Taught by Nicola, you can book this class through the website.
There are mats you can borrow but if you attend this class regularly we do recommend purchasing your own.