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  hula fitness 

hula fitness

Hula Fitness classes are a great new way to tone your waist with the addition of arm and leg work. We get a lot of women joining us saying that they can’t hula, but the design of the hoops makes it achievable for everyone. It may take a week or so to pick up the basic technique, but this class is fun, rewarding and sociable. We use upbeat music during class and cover a range of movement, some arm tricks, strength work, and finish with some fun routines!


Q: Are hoops provided?

Yes, we have hoops in a range of sizes. The bigger ones are slightly easier for beginners, then you can gradually down-size as you get better.

Q: I couldn't hula as a child, how will I be able to do it now?!

These hoops are heavier than the kids ones, so they are a lot easier. And we help you with technique in your first class. Most of the time you return the following week a lot better as your brain has had time to process what the body needs to do!

Q: Are the hoops weighted?

They are weighted just because of what they’re made of, but they don’t have additional weight inside. Heavy enough for a workout!

Q: What should I wear?

General fitness attire – trainers, jogging bottoms, leggings, t-shirt etc

Q: Do you teach hula tricks?

We spend approximately 20 minutes each week going over some basic arm tricks – some are quick to pick up, others take a lot of practice. For more tricks such as hooping around the legs/shoulders or ‘performance’ hoop, it’s best to try elsewhere as we are more fitness-based.