commercial burlesque 

modern burlesque

In Burlesque classes you will learn dance routines that celebrate femininity – lots of bum wiggles, hip rolls, and strutting! The style of dance is inspired by traditional burlesque combined with more modern dance routines, so there’s a good mixture of music. Chair-work is used most of the time, sometimes floor-work, then occasionally we’ll pull out the feather fans, gloves or stockings… just for a bit of fun. Classes are taught in a very friendly environment and they’re a great confidence-builder as well as toning the legs and waist.


Q: What should I wear?

We recommend shorts or leggings, but really it’s whatever you feel comfortable in.

Q: Do I need heels?

Some women bring heels as it helps with posture, makes you feel more feminine, and creates more of a workout. However they are completely optional.

Q: Is there any nudity or stripping in class?

Our classes are more dance-routine based. If we do use props for the more traditional style dances it tends to just be gloves or jackets etc – things you can put over a vest top or shorts. 

Q: How old do you have to be?

All classes are for 16+ simply because we advertise ourselves as providing “adult only” classes so that women can exercise in a more comfortable and familiar environment. But there’s definitely no maximum age limit! While you can, why not?!

Q: Do you teach the traditional 'strip-tease' style of burlesque?

Our class is more about learning dance routines – although these vary in style and type of music, it isn’t the traditional burlesque you see from the likes of Dita von Teese. If we teach a more traditional style routine it often includes elements of strip-tease but it’s usually just feather boas, gloves or stockings.

Q: Can I join any time?

It is best to contact the studio before joining a class to see how far into a routine the class is – sometimes it’s easy to pick up at any point, sometimes it’s best to wait until a new routine.