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In Burlesque classes you will learn dance routines that celebrate femininity – lots of bum wiggles, hip rolls, and strutting! The style of dance is inspired by traditional burlesque combined with more modern dance routines, so there’s a good mixture of music. Chair-work is used most of the time, sometimes floor-work, then occasionally we’ll pull out the feather fans, gloves or stockings… just for a bit of fun. Classes are taught in a very friendly environment and they’re a great confidence-builder as well as toning the legs and waist.
Newcomers recommended to start on a new routine (see timetable page)


Q: What should I wear?

We recommend shorts or leggings, but really it’s whatever you feel comfortable dancing in. Some women bring heels as it helps with posture, makes you feel more feminine, and creates more of a workout, however they are completely optional. Bare feet or socks would be completely fine, but trainers can be a little tricky to perform some of the footwork.

Q: How old do you have to be?

All classes are for 16+ simply because we advertise ourselves as providing “adult only” classes so that women can exercise in a more comfortable and familiar environment. But there’s definitely no maximum age limit! While you can, why not?!

Q: Do you teach the traditional 'strip-tease' style of burlesque?

Our class is more about learning dance routines – although these vary in style and type of music, it isn’t the traditional burlesque you see from the likes of Dita von Teese. Occasionally we will teach a more traditional style routine with props such as feather boas, gloves or stockings etc but there is no nudity or stripping involved!