belly dance 

belly dance

Belly Dancing is such a fantastic way of toning all those troublesome areas – bums, tums, thighs and bingo wings! Combining both traditional and modern music, and in a relaxed, friendly environment, this class is never dull. Katy guides you through moves step-by-step, and gradually builds up choreography over a number of weeks. Belly dance ‘skirts’ are provided and Katy occasionally brings in her ‘dress-up box’ so that you can practice in full attire!


Q: Can I join at any time?

We recommend that newcomers join when the instructor is starting, or has recently started, new choreography – see the Timetable page for when this is.

Q: I'm worried about looking stupid, what happens if I can't do it?

Belly dance has so many elements to it that everyone has things they’re good at and things they aren’t, so I wouldn’t worry. All the girls just laugh at themselves!

Q: Do you have to have your stomach on show?

No, ultimately this is a fitness class so as long as you’re getting a workout and enjoying it you don’t have to get your stomach out. Tighter clothing is recommended but again whatever you feel comfortable wearing.

Q: What should I wear on my feet?

Bare feet is ideal, or socks (providing you’re careful not to slip!)