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Thursdays 7.00pm, £4.50
With upbeat tracks and a fun atmosphere, this class really allows people to enjoy what can sometimes be a chore. We cater for complete novices or those who feel they have little co-ordination, so routines are repeated to build confidence over the weeks.
Approximately 25min cardio with high/low impact options, followed by 10 minutes of strength and 10 minutes of mat-work to further tone the muscles. During the strength section you are able to choose from a range of equipment including weights, hula hoops, thigh master, and an ab curler, so that you can not only pace yourself but choose exactly which areas you want to work on – and guidance is always available.


Q: What do I need to wear?

Something you can easily move around in that won’t make you too warm. Trainers are best for the feet. Bring a bottle with you or you can purchase one at the studio for 50p. If you start attending the class regularly I do recommend bringing your own mat.

Q: I've not done much cardio, will I manage the class?

Steps are repeated so you get a real chance of picking them up and there are options to work at a higher or lower pace so that you can build your stamina and confidence up over time.

Q: Is this class good for weight loss?

Aerobics was always one of the top ways of losing weight because it’s a cardio workout with muscle toning combined – and as this class offers the mats as well, you can add in the extra element of an ab workout.