aerial hoop

aerial hoop

Aerial Hoop is a fun way of building strength and toning the muscles. We have 3 hoops at different heights so it’s open to all abilities including complete beginners. You will achieve a lot in your first lesson, but still plenty progression to be made. It’s a great workout for arms, stomach muscles, legs and a firmer bottom! Impressive moves to show off to your friends and family, and small classes means you can work at your own level.


Q: Is there a weight limit on the hoop?

Unfortunately due to building restrictions there is a 14 stone weight limit in place.

Q: How high is the hoop?

The bottom of the hoops range from approximately 2-4 feet from the floor and we do have mats underneath. There a 3 hoops in the studio at slightly varying heights to cater for all levels.

Q: What should I wear?

Leggings are ideal, with socks and a t-shirt or long sleeves. If you bruise easily or have sensitive skin, leg warmers or long socks are also recommended for extra padding and support over the knees. Weight-lifting gloves are also optional if the hands get sore.

Q: How many people are in a class?

Classes are limited to 6 people per 45min class. 

Q: Do I need to book?

Yes, all classes require booking and advance payment. Select the tab ‘timetable’ to view days and times, then select the tab ‘book class’ to book.

Q: Can newcomers attend any class?

If you are a complete beginner we recommend you booking onto a 6-week course to learn the basic technique and build strength gradually with other complete beginners. If you cannot make the course we do recommend the beginner-specific classes.

♥ Aerial Hoop (£5) classes are group tuition with a maximum of 6 per class. We have beginner-specific classes, all others are mixed level.

♥ Private lessons can be booked for 1:1 instruction or can be shared with up to 2 friends. A great way of really getting to grips with personal goals, iron out technique, and focusing on what you want to do or try something new together!