aerial hoop

aerial hoop

People don’t tend to find Aerial Hoop as challenging as pole as there are a variety of ways of getting into the hoop suitable for complete beginners. Plus once you’re in it there’s lots you can do! It is however an amazing workout for arms, stomach muscles, legs and a firmer bottom! You will be able to achieve moves from your first lesson, but there’s still a lot of progression. Lovely looking moves to show off to your friends and family, and small classes means everyone is very supportive.


Q: Is there a weight limit on the hoop?

Unfortunately due to building restrictions there is a 15 stone weight limit in place.

Q: How high is the hoop?

The bottom of the hoops are approximately 3-4 feet from the floor and we do have mats underneath. There a 3 hoops in the studio at slightly varying heights to cater for all levels.

Q: What should I wear?

Leggings are ideal, with socks and a t-shirt or long sleeves. If you bruise easily or have sensitive skin, leg warmers or long socks are also recommended for extra padding and support over the knees. 

Q: How many people are in a class?

COVID-19: Classes are now limited to 3 people max. (One per hoop)

Q: Do I need to book?

COVID-19: All classes must now be booked to minimise numbers. This is done via text – 07896253818 – until we have an online booking system in place.

What is difference between the beginner/intermediate levels?

All of our aerial hoop classes cover a range of different moves on both the top bar of the hoop and the lower bar. In a beginner-intermediate class there are less top bar moves and teaching is a little more gradual, whereas the intermediate covers a few more combination of moves and includes some which require a bit more strength or hoop experience.

♥ Aerial Hoop (£5) classes are group tuition with a maximum of 3 per class and need to be booked. Beginners are welcome to any class.

♥ Private lessons can be booked for 1:1 instruction or can be shared with friends. A great way of really getting to grips with personal goals, iron out technique, and focusing on what you want to do.