the team 

the team

♥ Nicola Batchford (centre)

I trained as a dance instructor from the age of 19, mainly teaching freestyle to children of all ages… then I attended a Pole Beginners Course and was hooked! I started offering more classes to adults as I loved the idea of fitness classes being sociable, and in 2010 got the opportunity to permanently hire one of the function rooms at Plessey Club. When the Club closed down in 2016 I relocated to the old snooker hall in Beeston and this was the next step I needed. It’s my own little studio split into 2 rooms with 6 poles, 3 aerial hoops, about 20 hula hoops and a mirrored wall… I take pride in the fact that classes are aimed specifically at women to try something new, build their confidence, keep fit and have fun doing it. I also burst with pride at how much the students and staff have become like a family, we all support each other.

♥ Latoya (back right)

Latoya had some pole experience before coming to lessons at NMS and really took an interest in how the classes ran and wanted to start gaining teaching experience. She’s an absolute natural in delivering a class and she’s so encouraging, especially to those who come with very little confidence, gives them a real boost.

♥ Hayley (front right)

Hayley is another pole instructor who has been with me since year 1. She’s so like-able and her energy in class shows her passion for the sport as well as her determination in getting her students to achieve things they never thought they would. She works people hard, but makes every class enjoyable and loves seeing her students progress. Her background in gymnastics influences her in class to try out different types of moves and gets everyone involved.

♥ Bet (back left)

Bet has been teaching pole at NMS for around 3 years. She started with a beginners course and kept coming every week, then twice a week and her strength just kept on improving. She took an interest in the teaching side of things and is now well and truly part of the team, and the girls love her classes.

♥ Katy (front left)

Katy comes from a background of Belly Dance and has now become addicted to aerial hoop! She’s incredibly friendly and encouraging of people and really loves what she does. Her classes are always welcoming and she ensures everyone achieves something new.